What you need to know before doing your bookreport: 

Your bookreport is not only a means to check if you have read and understood the book, doing a bookreport also helps you to analyse the book and to express your opinion on it in a well-founded manner. It is important that you learn how to do this, as you frequently need to do this at university. 

Answer the questions as explicitely as possible. Answers that are so generic that they could fit nearly any book will not be scored as correct.


Apart from that, research has shown that the best way to learn words is to combine learning words by heart (wordlists, Follow Up) and reading a lot. In Dutch we say:'Je moet kilometers maken'.


Book Deadline every Friday when the Study Centre closes
Book 1 Week 44
Book 2 Week 8
Book 3 Week 15
Book 4 if you do not have enough pages Final schoolday before the May holidays

We linked our reading system to the Anglia levels and a minimum amount of pages. In your case this is:

Amount of books Anglia level Amoint of pages Specifics
At least 3 Max. 1 Intermediate, the others Advanced At least 600 pages 1 graphic novel allowed. A graphic novel counts for 100 pages

Rules and requirements:

  • You are not allowed to read books of a lower level than your Anglia level. If books are too easy, your reading skills will not improve, and we would not want that of course.
  • You are allowed only 1 filmed book.  Check IMDb if you don't know whether your book has been made into a movie.
  • All bookreports should be done in the Study Centre
  • No teacher will allow you to take a bookreport form home or fill in a bookreport form without supervision 
  • You need your book in order to do your bookreport. No book, no bookreport 
  • You are not allowed to use any kind of documentation while doing your bookreport