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Rules for extensive reading:

Rules for reading your books:

Materials for your reading texts

You need to study both your reading strategies and your linking words for your reading texts.

  • Click here for your reading strategies
  • Click here for your linking words

Links to websites for reading:

  • Eflnet - multiple choice excercises and Cloze tests higher advanced level
  • Newsweek - American magazine
  • BBC - English news site


Links to websites with reading exercises

Exam English

Choose Level B2 or C1 at the top of the page and then choose reading tests. they are all international exams like Cambridge and IELTS


You should be able to do at least B2 level

British Council

Choose the right level, B2 or C1

Literature the Renaissance and Shakepeare

You will get lessons on the subject. After the lessons the PowerPoints will be uploaded here.