Readtheory helps you to get better at reading in general. Short texts, on your own level. The better you score, the higher your level will get.

What should your level be? We have linked the Readtheory lexiles with Anglia, ERK and Cito exam levels:

Readtheory lexiles Anglia level Cito ERK
0 - 350 Preliminary A1
350 - 650 Elementary A2
600 - 850 Pre-Intermediate A2/B1
800 - 1150 Intermediate mavo 4 B1
1000 - 1350 Advanced havo 5 B2
1300 - 1500 Proficiency vwo 6 C1
> 1450 Masters C2

How to log in:

You will automatically be visible in your teacher's class so they can monitor your scores.

What book to choose

We used the Anglia levels and Readtheory level to define the level of your books to choose from the library.


The test level and the reading level are not the same. Your test level, as you can see above is higher.  

Check the level of your own books

Books that are not from the library can be checked here.

If it's not there, bring your book to school and ask your teacher. 

Readtheory lexiles Anglia level Cito ERK
0 - 350 Preliminary A1
350 - 600 Elementary A2
600 - 700 Pre-Intermediate A2/B1
700 - 800 Intermediate mavo 4 B1
800 - 900 Advanced havo 5 B2
900 - 1100 Proficiency vwo 6 C1
> 1100 Masters C2

The Aura App to browse for a good book

Ýou can browse through the collection of English books with the Aura app. If you know of the title of your book it is easy, but if you just want to browse and see what English books are present at your level, then it is a bit more complicated. 


Here is how to find your books:

  1. Go to 'Homepage'
  2. Go to 'wat kun je met Mijn AuraSpace'
  3. Go to 'klik hier om in te loggen en click 'hier'
  4. Then click 'Home' in the blue banner
  5. Go to 'Uitgebreid zoeken'
  6. Click 'ENG" in categorie
  7. Choose your level> niveau
  8. Browse your favourite genre

You can choose a book you like and go and get it at the study centre.

Looking for a book we don't have yet?

If you want to read a book that we don't have in the Study Centre, tell us what book you are looking for. If it is appropriate, we will get it for you.

Learning vocabulary

There are several sites/apps to study your words: Quizlet and Wozzol. We have all the words you need in Quizlet. If you study in your teacher's class, Quizlet remains free. Wozzol is especially focused on repetition and has a free and a premium version.


To put yourself in your teacher's class, log in to your account and search for your teacher's name:

  • lottebrandenberg
  • missvink
  • missbresser
  • misspenhoat
  • missvanbeest91
  • mevrouwdeheer
  • mrdekker (Dr)
  • dekker113 (De)
  • vdMel
  • sir-dark


Make an account. You can practise with all your vocabulary books. Wozzel helps you to keep repeating the words you forget. You can also set a target, a date of your test so Wozzol makes sure you will have studied the words in time. Watch the video:

Some general grammar PowerPoint presentations

Tenses to Intermediate level in Dutch

Tenses from Advanced level in English

Passive voice