What you need to know before doing your book-film report: 

Your book-film report is not only a means to check if you have read the book and seen the movie. Doing a book-film report also helps you to analyse the differences between the book and the movie and helps to express your opinion on them in a well-founded manner. It is important that you learn how to do this, as you frequently need to do this at a university of applied science. 

Answer the questions as explicitely as possible. Answers that are so generic that they could fit nearly any book will not be scored as correct.

General information:

  • You can only read books of Advanced level or higher
  • Your first bookreport/book-film rpeort should be handed in week 41 at the latest, the second one in week 4 at the latest
  • All book-film reports should be done in the Study Centre
  • No teacher will allow you to take a book-film report form home or fill in a bookreport form without supervision 
  • You need your book in order to do your book-film report. No book, no book-film report 
  • You are not allowed to use any kind of documentation while doing your book-film report 
  • Your books should be 500 pages minimum. If not, you will have to do extra reading. 
  • Graphic novels are not allowed in H5

Number of points for your e-portfolio:

Score Number of points
Refer 0
Pass 1
Merit 2
Distinction 3
Handed in in time 1 point extra

Pay attention:

If your book-film report is rejected (Refer), you will have to choose another bookand movie and do a new book-film report. However, this will not change the points in your e-portfolio.

Once your book-film report has been scored, you cannot make changes anymore. Therefore, it is important to do it as accurately as possible the first time.