Writing a Vlog

You have probably heard of "vlogging", or "video blogging" before. Many people like to make videos about interesting topics, their opinions and ideas or just recording their daily lives. For this assignment you are going to create your own vlog. Yes, in English! 

Choose one of the following topics and start recording! 

Make sure your video meets the following requirements: 

  • It should be between 4 and 5 minutes long. 
  • Make sure the quality of your sound is good. 
  • Make sure the quality of your video is good. 
  • Mind your pronunciation. 
  • Hand in your final video, in Teams, in your e-portfolio. 

1. My College

A great idea to start with. You need nothing but a smartphone to make a vlog related to your college. Tell about your college, history of your college, a famous personality who was a former student of your college, your favorite teacher or subject, etc. 

2. Study Tips

Being a student, it’s a great vlog idea to make videos for student’s study tips. You can tell other students how to manage their time for different subjects. How holidays can be utilized for study purposes along with fun. There are many more ways, just look around the students and their questions. Make videos and answer them. 

3. Teach Using a 'How to' Video

You can demonstrate almost anything by using a “How to” videos. It is one of the best ways to teach people about the process step by step. These types of videos are best because these are normally recorded while performing a particular assignment for your followers or subscribers. You can really follow your passion here because it will not make you tired of making vlog videos. You can truly share very deep insights that the audience is searching for the most time. You can cover almost anything under the sun. 

4. Daily Vlog

This is one of the most common vlog topics, where you share your daily activities with your audience. Tell them about challenges you’re dealing with, make a Q&A video, share your attitude to sport, food, life in general, or anything else. Don’t forget to communicate with your viewers – just ask for their opinions on the topics that you cover in your videos.  

To make your videos recognizable, think of a cool intro. Video montage maker by Movavi is a great choice for making your intro truly unique.