Elevator pitch A6

There are different reasons to prepare an elevator pitch, such as

  • To get a job or internship
  • To get accepted into a study program
  • To sell your company or product

You can use your elevator pitch at a business fair or networking event. It can be the answer to the opening question ‘tell me about yourself’ at a job or study interview. You can post it on your LinkedIn page when you are looking for an internship during your study or a job when you have finished studying.

The goal of your elevator pitch determines the format.

During the VO-Solliciteert workshop last year you were taught how to make an elevator pitch that could also serve as your profile on your CV. This was the elevator pitch for a job interview.

General rules for every elevator pitch

  • An elevator pitch takes about 60 seconds
  • Be enthusiastic and sure of yourself, your qualities/your firm/your product
  • Try to sell yourself/your firm/your product and make a good impression
  • Use words that are understandable to everyone, do not use too much jargon
  • Practise a lot, make your pitch fluent and interesting
  • End your pitch with a call to action, usually in the form of a question
  • Avoid talking about hobbies/interests
  • Do not use cliché words

Elevator pitch format for job interview, study program or internship

  • Introduce yourself (I am….)
  • Talk about your skills and educational background (who are you?)
  • Talk about your experiences (How did you get there?)
  • Say what you are looking for (Where are you going?)
  • Call to action, provoking a reaction of the person you are talking to

Elevator pitch format to sell the service of your company or your product

  • Introduce yourself (name and company/product)
  • Present the problem (what problem is it your company/product can solve/help with)
  • Offer the solution (what is it you do)
  • Explain your value proposition (why should they choose your company/product
  • Call to action (end with a compliment or question)

Non-verbal communication during your presentation

  • Dress profesionally
  • Maintain eye contact but don’t stare
  • Relax and be pleasant, approachable
  • Be natural, you are not an actor


  • Choose for what purpose you would like to record an elevator pitch
  • Compose and practice your elevator pitch
  • Record your 60-secon- elevator pitch
  • Save your pitch with your name and add job, study, company or product.
  • Hand in your elevator pitch to your teacher either by mail, SOM or Teams. Ask your teacher for their preference.